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About CASA

This CASA is part of a national network of community-based, non-profit organizations that recruit, screen, train, and supervise volunteers to "Speak Up for a Child" removed from home due to abuse or neglect. CASA works one-on-one with an abused or neglected child, advocating for his or her best interests and working towards achieving permanency in a safe, nurturing home as soon as possible. Our vision is to have a safe and loving home for every child.

CASA History

In 1976, a Seattle Superior Court Judge, the Honorable David Soukup, was concerned about trying to make decisions on behalf of abused and neglected children without enough information. He conceived the idea of appointing community volunteers to speak up for the best interests of these children in court and implemented a pilot program in 1977.

This pilot program consisted of 110 trained CASA volunteers. In 1978, the Seattle program was recognized by the National Center of State Courts. This recognition, along with financial support, resulted in the replication of the Seattle CASA program across the county. In 1982, the National Court Appointed Special Advocate Association was formed.

Today, there are more than 50,000 advocates serving in more than 940 state and local program offices nationwide. CASA programs across the country are known by several different names, including Guardian ad Litem, Child Advocates, and Voices for Children. Since the inception of CASA advocacy, volunteers have helped well over 1,000,000 children find safe, permanent homes in which they can thrive.

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