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Volunteer Training Sessions

New volunteer orientation took place on February 28th. Training sessions will be begin on Tuesday March 7th and run every Tuesday night through to April 4th. Orientation and trainings will be held between 6pm to 9pm at our office in City Hall. 
Contact us at 856-361-7180 or email B Lauren Williams at for more information on becoming a volunteer advocate and the training.
Volunteer Training Flyer

Volunteer Recruitment Week February 6th through 10th

CASA of Camden County made a big push this year to increase the number of volunteers in our organization. Starting Monday February 6th and ending Friday February 10th, CASA had a Volunteer Recruitment Week. CASA got all staff, volunteers, board members, and friends of CASA to be active during this time to bring in more advocates.

CASA Holiday Gift Wrapping 12/13/16

CASA staff and volunteers celebrated the holidays together at the Volunteer Holiday Party. Gifts were wrapped for the children of CASA. Food, drinks, and games were also included to reward our advocates for all their hard work this year.

National Adoption Day 11/18/16

CASA volunteers partnered with the Camden County Courts to celebrate National Adoption Day. CASA donated sinch bags filled with clothing, books, art supplies, stickers and toys for all the children being adopted. The kids loved the bags and the free CASA t-shirts were a huge hit with the adults.

Swearing-in of new CASA members 11/17/16

Three new members of the CASA family have been officially sworn in to begin working with the children of CASA.

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