Help our CASA children have a voice; become a CASA volunteer.

CASA volunteers are everyday people who are appointed by judges to advocate for the best interest of abused and neglected children living within the foster care system. A CASA volunteer advocates for one or two children's cases until they are placed in a safe, permanent home.

No special skills are required to be a CASA Volunteer and free training is provided. 

CASA training is 30-hours and includes seven sections that prepare you to advocate for a child, or children, living in foster care. 

After training is completed you are sworn in as an official court advocate and will be assigned your first case.

Click the button below to download the volunteer application. 
Volunteer Application
"When I drive up to my child's home and she runs out of the house to greet me I know that I have a closer relationship with her than any other worker on the case. She is 100% of the reason I am there. She is why I am a CASA. When I am on a case there is nothing more important to me than ensuring that the child is in a safe, nurturing, loving atmosphere and that she is receiving the help she needs. " -John, CASA Volunteer

 CASA Volunteer Qualifications

1. Interest in children, their rights, and special needs.
2. Minimum age of 21.
3. Ability to communicate orally and in writing: making oral and written reports to the court, CASA supervisor, and other appropriate individuals.
4. Ability to pass criminal background check and child abuse record information check.
5. Have favorable references from non-relative sources.
6. Have a valid driver's license.
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